Quality Policies

1. Quality First 2. All work shall be done Properly from the start 3. Continuous Improvement 4. Our Customers tell us that they buy from us because we are RELIABLE…that they can count on us to do what we say we will do. It's as simple as that! 5. we have dedicated executives to take care of every customers order. 6. We have the BEST ON-TIME SHIPPING RECORD in the industry, and we are now shipping over 50% of our orders early! 7.if you are done with waiting for long lead time for PCB, we have solutions , we are pretty quick in delivery

Services Policies

1.respond 24 hours 2.Efficient and flexible 3.Strict compliance with the customer's custom requirements 4.Customer satisfaction is our goal 5. You can always reach a "live" person by phone at ST, and we are committed to giving you personal Customer EXCELLENCE… 6.we are one stop for quick and quality services ,maximum time taken to quote any order is just 120minutes 7.we have various types of deliveries , normal , quick , extraquick, and express to support customer needs in time 8. We don't have any minimum lot requirements, so you never have to buy more than what you need. 9. now its at ST get, Best price , quality boards,quick delivery and excellent excellent customer services

StrongTimes Electronics Co., Ltd is a high and new technological company which specializing in manufacturing single-sided, double-sided and multilayer PCB of high precision, high density and high reliability. Responding to market demand of fast development of electronic industry, the company provides SMT & OEM assembly service to customers. Products are applied to a wide range of High-tech industries such as: LED, telecommunication, computer application, lighting, game machine, industrial control, power, automobile and high-end consumer electronics, By unremitting work and effort to the marketing, products exports to American, Canada, Europe counties, Africa and other Asia-pacific countries. Our factory located in SHENZHEN special and economical zone, adjoin HONGKONG, with excellent geographic condition, best logistic environment, and human resources advantage. Focusing heavily on its mission of "People, Management and Technology", the company has continuously expanded its product sales worldwide, exceeding international product specification standards such as UL and IPC. The company is devoted to developing highly trained and experienced engineers and professional technologists, and is currently applying for ISO9001:2000 and TS16949 certification. With these 2 standards in place, the company will implement a comprehensive set of systems ranging from marketing, engineering audit, process control, quality assurance and post sales service to a fully integrated logistic control system. With reliable quality reputation, best service, very competitive price, StrongTimes Electronics cordially welcome customers domestics and overseas to start business cooperation.
1. PCB manufacture services, including: Single Side PCB, Double Side PCB, Multilayer PCB, Rigid Flexible PCB, Flexible PCB, Impedance PCB, HDI PCB, MCPCB, Aluminum PCB, led pcb board, with 1-36 layers and more. 2. Components sourcing service 3. PCB assembly, SMT services 4. PCB design services
We provide two payment methods: 1. Bank transfer to Hong Kong 2. PayPal With PayPal, there are two options: (1). Pay directly with your credit card through PayPal. (2). Pay with the funds in your PayPal account. Please check on http://paypal.com for how to transfer funds to your PayPal account.
Shipping destination: Worldwide. Shipping methods: There are two options for shipping: Registered Airmail: This takes about 10-14 business days to arrive. DHL/TNT/UPS/FedEx: This takes about 3-5 business days to arrive. The actual speed of shipping fluctuates due to many reasons, such as the efficiency of the customs in your country, or holidays and vacations. The speed mentioned above is only for your reference. We cannot guarantee the exact shipping speed. Shipping cost: Shipping cost depends on the weight of your order and the destination country of the shipping. When you use our "Price Calculator" on the homepage of our website to get a quotation, or when you use our "Order Your PCBs" form to place an order, the shipping cost will be calculated automatically if you choose a destination country and a shipping method. If you don't see your country in the country list, please choose "Other" on the bottom of the list.